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Zero B Solar Water Purifier

Approx Price: Rs 8,490 / Water Purifier 
We feel proud to introduce ourselves as one of the well-known traders and suppliers of Zero B Solar Water Purifier. The offered zero B solar water purifier is charged by sunlight, to carry out the water purification process. Our supplied zero B solar water purifier is capable of getting connected to the external appliances such as coffee machine, water cooler and refrigerator. The offered solar water purifier is very useful for human health, owing to the ability of removing excess acids, bases and minerals in water.


  • Non electric
  • Energized water tank
  • Consists of health indicator lamp


  • As the purified water is dispensed from the unit, a BLUE colored light will glow indicating the good health of the purifier
  • A RED colored light will glow when the life of the purifying cartridges get exhausted


  • Non Electric 6 stage purifier with Solar intelligence which tells you exactly, when the water is safe to drink
  • Non - Electric
  • Does not require electricity to work '6 - stage' purification process gives clear crisp water while saving your money
  • Self charging Solar Intelligence health indicator
  • Solar cell, charged by sunlight or when indoor lights are on, giving you 24 X 7 back-up
  • Multi Port Options
  • To connects to external appliances like coffee machine, refrigerator, water cooler, etc
  • Wall Mount
  • Saves kitchen platform space
  • Gives Energized Water
  • Energized water helps to
  • Reduces excess acidity and bile in digestive system
  • Effective in Urinary and kidney disorders
  • Works as an external aid for washing swollen & sore eyes, wounds, etc for quick healing
  • Beneficial for nervous disorders & treatment of blood pressure
  • Helpful in treatment of blood pressure, especially in treatment of low blood pressure
  • Storage cum online
  • World first Storage cum online purifier - Lets you take water through tap or store it in inbuilt storage tank
  • Solar Intelligence health indicator
  • Blue colored lamp indicates good health of water purifier
  • Solar Intelligence
  • Red blinker gets activated when life of cartridge gets exhausted
  • Detachable Storage Tank
  • Transparent tank ensures easy water - level check and cleaning
  • Energized water Tank
  • Transparent tank, detachable, ensures easy water - level check and cleaning
  • User friendly
  • Inbuilt metal removal mechanism
  • Slays all the heavy metals like lead, aluminum from water and makes it fresh and pure
  • Requires less maintenance
  • Product water meets IS 10500 for disease causing bacteria and virus removal

Zero B Kitchenmate Water Purifier

Approx Price: Rs 19,990 / RO 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 RO
The Zero B Kitchenmate Water Purifier is a first of its kind water purifier with 6 stage purification process thatconverts salty water to pure and safe drinking water. It has a steel finish body which is specifically meant for designer kitchens where it can be placed under or above the counter / sink. Zero B Kitchen Mate uses Reverse Osmosis (RO), a globally acclaimed technology wherein water under heavy pressure is passed through a semi permeable membrane with specific molecular weight cut-off and a small pore size of 0.0001 micron. The purified water is then collected for use in tank and impure water is flushed to the drain. The RO membrane reduces 90 - 95 % of Total Dissolved Salts (TDS) like calcium, magnesium, sodium bicarbonates, thereby making the taste of water sweeter. It also removes bacteria, viruses, harmful chemicals like arsenic, fluoride, lead and cancer causing pesticides, VOCs, Trihalomethanes. The new Zero B Kitchen Mate has double safety purifier that provides 100 % germicidal protection and the product water meets international drinking water standards. This fully automatic RO water purifier is easy to handle and is apt for kitchens with less slab space.

Other Details:

  • Six stage Reverse osmosis( RO )purifier
  • Under the sink /under the counter model-does not occupy extra space in the kitchen
  • Coverts salty water to pure, crystal clear, natural tasting drinking water
  • Removes excess salts, bacteria, viruses, pesticides, harmful chemicals, heavy metals from water
  • Fully automatic operations
  • Low pressure/ Low fouling RO membrane works on low pressure, lower fouling of membrane


  • Recovery of good water up to 25% and salt rejection up to 90-95%
  • Pressure booster pump provides constant water pressure to the system
  • Dry run protection pump avoids unnecessary wastage of power, shuts off when there is no water
  • Auto shut off valve ( Non wired) ensures pump cutoff whenever the tank fills up
  • Autoflush timer periodically flushes the membranes to remove the salt deposited on the membrane and thereof enhances the life of the membrane
  • Hydropneumatic tank pressure storage tank of 8 litre capacity, provides pressurized water at a very high flow tare from the faucet
  • Over voltage and over current protection Power supply cuts off whenever there is an over voltage and over current than specified
  • This protects the pump
  • Double safety purifier - provides additional safety, offers 100 % germicidal protection
  • Product water meets USEPA drinking water standards and 10500

Zero B Intello Water Purifier

Approx Price: Rs 36,990 / Piece(s) 
Other Details:

  • The new Zero-B Intello is a first of its kind with a customized electronic process monitor
  • This special feature informs the user of the quality of water, flow rate of water , total water c
  • In this process water under pressure is passed through a semipermeable membrane with specific molecular weight cut-off and the small pore size of 0.001 micron
  • Purified water is collected for use in tank and impure water is flushed to the drain
  • The RO membrane reduces 90-95% of Total Dissolved Salts like calcium, magnesium, sodium, bicarbonates, thereby imparts good taste to water
  • RO membrane removes bacteria , viruses , harmful chemical like arsenic, fluoride and lead, and cancer causing pesticides , VOCs ,Trihalomethanes
  • The new Zero-B Intello uses a built-in , unique Electronic System Sanitizer (ESS) which is an international breakthrough in drinking water treatment
  • Unlike coventional RO's , the built-in ESS prevents slime formation in entire system components which enhances RO membrane life , keeps the purified water tank free from bacteria
  • This ensures fresh water all the time and gives high shelf life to water


  • 7 stage Reverse Osmosis (RO) water purification process
  • ESS - Inbuilt Electronic System Sanitizer (Patent pending)
  • An international breakthrough in drinking water treatment
  • No other RO water purifier sanitizes the system completely
  • But the inbuilt Electronic System Sanitizer guarantees the purification by sanitizing the system completely at regular intervals, keeping the product water tank from slime and bacteria, maintaining the water purity levels and freshness all the time, for several days(International breakthrough)
  • Intello Monitoring System (IMS Technology)
  • Displays -Total dissolved salts in terms of ppm
  • Flow rate of purified water in litres / min
  • Balance capacity of each filter in terms of remaining days, litres and a bar graph
  • Audio beep to warn low quality of water ( set to 200 ppm TDS )
  • Audio beep to give warning on life of cartridge
  • Double Safety Purifier (Resin Carbon Cartridge)
  • Though RO technology removes 99.9 % bacteria and viruses, any loopholes can leach bacteria and viruses in the water because of manufacturing aspects
  • Complete removal is therefore never guaranteed in case of membrane module
  • The resin Carbon Cartridge in such a case acts as a backup purifier
  • Low Pressure / Low Fouling Membrane
  • Works on low pressure and therefore lower fouling of membrane
  • Recovery of good water up to 25 % and salt rejection up to 90 % for Zero B INTELLO
  • Dry Run Protection Pump
  • Avoids unnecessary wastage of power and shuts off the pump whenever there is no water in the inlet line
  • Automatic tank level control (Non wired)

Industral UV Systems

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RO Water Purifier

RO Water Purifier

Approx Price: Rs 33,000 / Piece(s) 

  • Voltage: 220V
  • Storage tank: 3.2 gallons steel tank
  • Power: 30w


Approx Price: Rs 25,990 / Piece 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece

Reverse Osmosis process is a membrane process in which a synthetic semi permeable membrane is used to separate water from dissolved impurities. When a semi permeable membrane separates a dilute and concentrated solution of salts, due to osmosis, the water from the dilute solution side passes though the membrane to the concentrated side till osmotic equilibrium is attained. Now, if the pressure is applied and increased gradually on the concentrated side, the flow of water continues to reduce till the applied pressure is equal to the osmotic pressure. Any pressure in excess of the osmotic pressure reverses the direction of flow of water and water from the concentrated side enters the dilute side. This process is called the Reverse Osmosis.

It is very essential to ensure that the water fed to reverse osmosis membranes is free from particulate matter, scale-forming salts of Ca Mg and silica to prevent membrane fouling. Also, the water should be free from organic matter, heavy metals and oxidizing agents like free chlorine.

 Technical Specifications:



Output flow rate (liters/hour)


Inlet pressure

Minimum inlet pressure (in kg/cm2)

Maximum inlet pressure (in kg/cm2)

Inlet hydraulic requirement

Inlet flow required

Hydraulic connection







1/2” BSP female thread connection

Salt Rejection of TDS (in %)

90 – 95

Recovery (in %)


Electrical supply

Operating voltage

Power consumption (in watts)


Solenoid valves



230 +10% VAC

80 W

36 VDC

24 VDC X 2

Dimensions (W X D X H) in mm

Working space of 1 foot around

the unit recommended.


270 X 300 X 500

Sediment filter

10” length /10 micron * 1

Carbon block

10” length 10 micron * 1

RO Membrane (Membrane size X Nos.)

1812 X 2 Nos.

Resin Carbon Cartridge(life in liters)


































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